• Stay in touch with your colleagues

  • Learn about corporate events faster

  • Show your coworkers what you're made of

Enhance communication and engagement within your organization

Organize your sports pools on the platform, plan lunch with your colleagues, announce corporate events. There's nothing you can't do with Social Corps.

Companies Should get social

Everyone in your office should get to know each other. Synergy within an organization is very important. Accountants should get to know their marketing colleagues,etc it is a win-win situation for the employer and the employee when everyone can connect.


At Waxdale we have great aspirations for our company, this is why we decided to go global right away. We have companies in india and it was important to us to stay connected to our indian teams. I'm glad that we signed up for Social Corps, because it makes it very easy for us to communicate with our colleagues.

Jean Agenor
CEO Waxdale Ecosystem Inc.

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